SBP-endorsed Regional Risk Assessment for Latvia Published

SBP has today published the SBP-endorsed Regional Risk Assessment for Latvia. The publication of the Regional Risk Assessment follows a period of public consultation and internal review by SBP, including an approval recommendation from the independent Technical Committee. SBP has also published a response to consultation, which summarises and considers comments received from stakeholders.

SBP-endorsed Regional Risk Assessments are a key part of SBP’s focus on identifying and mitigating risks associated with sustainably sourcing feedstock for biomass pellet and woodchip production. The SBP certification system is designed to provide assurance that feedstock is sourced legally and sustainably.

Feedstock certified at the forest level through FSC®, PEFC or PEFC-endorsed schemes is considered SBP-compliant. Other feedstock must be evaluated using a risk-based approach if it is to count towards an SBP-compliant claim.

Typically, the Biomass Producer – a wood pellet or woodchip producer – is responsible for carrying out the risk assessment and putting in place mitigation measures to manage any specified risks such that the risks can be considered to be controlled and hence low risk. It is the role of an independent, third-party Certification Body, approved by SBP, to check that the feedstock evaluation has been correctly undertaken and that any mitigation measures are being effectively implemented.

The purpose of an RRA is to evaluate an entire geographic region and determine the risks associated with sourcing feedstock for biomass pellet or woodchip production from that region. Thus, the need for individual Biomass Producers to conduct risk assessments is avoided and, therefore, consistency between Biomass Producers’ risk assessments guaranteed. The SBP RRA procedure also ensures active engagement with a diverse range of stakeholders in the region.

The SBP-endorsed Regional Risk Assessment for Latvia and the SBP response to consultation can be found at:

SBP Announces New Member

SBP, the unique certification system for woody biomass used in industrial, large-scale energy production, has today announced the addition of a new member company, MGT Teesside Ltd (MGT Teesside). The application for membership was approved at the SBP Board meeting held on 12 September 2017.

MGT Teesside is building the Tees Renewable Energy Plant, a 299MW Combined Heat and Power (CHP) biomass plant at Teesport, in the north-east of England, UK. The plant is the largest thermal-combustion power plant under construction in the UK.

Thomas Dalsgaard, Chairman of SBP, commented: “I am pleased to announce that MGT Teesside has joined the membership of SBP. MGT Teesside will be represented on the Board and I look forward to the contribution the company will make to our work.

“We are at an important stage in the development of the certification system. Our plan to transform SBP into a multi-stakeholder organisation is gaining momentum and the new arrangements are on schedule for implementation in early 2019.

“I am also pleased to report that our certification system is progressing well. We now have 115 Certificate Holders and independent scrutiny is at the heart of our certification decision-making.

“SBP has an important role to play in demonstrating compliance with regulatory requirements for the legal and sustainable sourcing of biomass feedstock and we are committed to continuous improvement and development”.

For more information, please contact: