SBP Consultation on Document Development Procedure

SBP has today launched a consultation on its Document Development Procedure. SBP is revising its Procedure to better reflect the changes in the governance arrangements of SBP and to bring SBP in line with best practice requirements.

The Document Development Procedure specifies the steps to be followed for the revision of existing documentation or the issuing of new documentation that informs the implementation and operation of the SBP certification system. The Procedure covers a wide range of both normative and non-normative documents, including sustainability standards, other standards, instruction documents, guidance documents, interpretative documents, process documents and contracts.

All documents that inform the implementation and operation of the SBP certification system shall be developed in compliance with the Procedure.

The purpose of the Procedure is to ensure the credibility of all SBP documentation by incorporating the values of transparency, participation and fairness into their development, and through compliance with international best practice for standards development.

The document can be found at: Interested parties are invited to provide written comments and feedback by Monday, 5 August 2019. All responses should be sent to