SBP names Technical Committee members

Kim is Director of Sustainability Policy at Enviva, the world’s largest producer of wood pellets, where she is broadly responsible for the sustainability aspects of customer fulfilment and data analytics. She and her team maintain Enviva’s portfolio of commercial relationships as they relate to sustainability specifications and claims, as well as manage biomass supply chain data collection and verification systems, which support the implementation and monitoring of Enviva sourcing policies and certification programs.

Kim joined Enviva in 2014, and since that time has served as an internal subject matter expert on GHG emissions and carbon accounting and played a critical role in the implementation of Enviva’s Track & Trace ® supply chain transparency program. Also, Kim has been an active member in various SBP working groups.

Kim holds Masters degrees in Forestry and Environmental Management from the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University and a BS in Biology from Xavier University.

Anders is an independent consultant, with a career in the Swedish and international forestry and forest industry that spans close to 40 years.

He has worked for the Swedish forest industry company SCA, in various positions, among them as District Forest Manager in northern Sweden, and Regulatory Affairs Manager in Brussels. He was responsible for implementing ISO 14001 and FSC certification as part of the  company’s forestry operations.

He also worked at IKEA as Forestry Manager with a team of 20 forestry specialists, responsible for the sustainability aspects of the wood and wood fibre used in the company’s home furnishing range. In this capacity, Anders participated in cooperation projects to improve the standards of forest management and promote certification with, among others FSC, WWF, Sabah Foundation and Rainforest Alliance.

At the fibre company Ahlstrom-Munksjö he was Vice President Sustainability with the responsibility to develop and oversee the implementation of the merged company’s sustainability strategy. Earlier in his career he worked at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation on the Forest Resources Assessment 1990.

Throughout his career he has been actively involved in the development of FSC. He was a member of the Plantation Policy Working Group, Controlled Wood Technical Committee and the Board of FSC Sweden.

Anders holds an MSc in Forestry from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Brenda is an independent natural resource consultant providing professional services to government, industry, associations, certification organisations and conservation groups.

Brenda specialises in natural resource stewardship,sustainable forest management initiatives, certification systems, monitoring programs and public consultation. She has extensive technical and operational knowledge of sustainability and legality requirements for forest management, chain of custody and risk-based systems along the supply chain (including FSC, CSA, SFI, PEFC, and SBP).

Brenda is familiar with SBP, having worked in a technical advisory capacity to the certification system. She is also the Working Body Lead for the SBP Regional Risk Assessment in British Columbia, and a PEFC/SBP certification advisor for biomass producers in western Canada.

Brenda holds a BSc in Forestry from the University of Alberta, is a Registered Professional Forester and lives in the Rocky Mountains of south eastern British Columbia.

Peter is Senior Lead Sustainability Advisor at Ørsted, with responsibility for ensuring sustainability of biomass procured by Ørsted, as well as stakeholder outreach and leading the regulatory work related to biomass and sustainability.

He has worked with forest and timber certification and supply chain due diligence for the past 15 years. Peter joined DONG Energy (now Ørsted) in 2014, since which time he has been actively engaged in debating and promoting the use of sustainable biomass, particularly with the media, NGOs, decision makers and regulators. He also contributed to the development of the Danish Industry Agreement for Sustainable Biomass.

Prior to Joining Ørsted, Peter was Vice President for CSR and Sustainability at global timber trader, DLH, where he designed and implemented a thorough due diligence system, developed the legal verification standards, VLO and VLC, ensured reporting to Global Compact using the GRI framework, and was involved in designing and lobbying for the EU Timber Regulation.

Peter started his career as head of FSC Denmark facilitating and writing the Danish FSC forestry standard.

He has been an active member of various SBP committees and working groups contributing to the development of SBP’s standard setting processes and governance arrangements.

Peter holds a BSc and MSc in Forestry from Copenhagen University, specialising in forest certification strategies in major international wood consuming companies.

Rob is Technical Manager at Soil Association Certification Limited, a UK-based Certification Body with a global footprint for FSC® and PEFC™ certification. He is also a non-Executive Director of PEFC UK.

Rob has spent over thirty years in forest management, mainly in the UK. For eight years he was Safety, Environment, Quality and Utilities Director at Scottish Woodlands Ltd, a large, private forest management company. Rob also ran his own consultancy for four years, specialising in safety, quality and environmental management.

He holds a BSc in Forestry from the University of Aberdeen. More recently, Rob has completed an Executive MBA at the University of Edinburgh, focusing on digital transformation of Chain of Custody auditing systems. He is also a chartered health and safety professional.

Martin is Professor for wood science, timber manufacturing and timber markets at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences, Germany. In addition to these subjects he also gives courses in forest certification and certification systems.

During his career he has worked with a number of organisations (including World Bank, WWF, FSC, GIZ) on the development of criteria for assessing certification systems. He is also currently working for Assurance Services International (ASI) as lead assessor for forest management and chain of custody accreditation of FSC Certification Bodies. In this role he has been active over the last few years in a number of countries in Europe, North America and Asia assessing enterprises in the forest and timber sector. He has also contributed to the development of standards and policies in the field of forest certification for a number of organisations.

Martin was member of the SBP Technical Committee from 2016 to 2018, and in this role gave expert advice on the approval of Certification Bodies and the approval of applicants for certification, as well as on other technical matters.

Martin holds an MSc in Forestry from the University of Freiburg, Germany and an MSc and PhD in Wood Sciences from ETH Zurich, Switzerland.