Stakeholder Advisory Group

The role of the Stakeholder Advisory Group is to provide a platform for stakeholder input and advice to support the work of the SBP Standards Committee in the development, implementation and maintenance of SBP standards and related documents, and other relevant activities towards furthering SBP’s development as a biomass certification system and making SBP an efficient and effective organisation.

Sarah Crow is Senior Director for Sustainability Solutions at the American Forest Foundation (AFF) where she oversees the technical elements of AFF’s sustainability programming and growth initiatives. Sarah works to build partnerships across sectors and geographies and is a recognised expert on forest certification, sustainability verification schemes and smallholder engagement.

Prior to joining AFF, Sarah worked at local, national and international levels in the civil society, academic and government sectors.

Sarah was a Fulbright Scholar at the Ukrainian National Forestry University researching the impacts of UNESCO biosphere reserve policy on forest-dependent communities. Sarah holds a BS in Forestry from the University of Montana and an MS in Natural Resources from University of Vermont.

Ellen Kincaid is Sustainability Manager at Highlands Pellets, a US-based pellet producer committed to delivering the highest value wood pellets while sustaining the integrity and strength of US forestry. Ellen has responsibility for, amongst other things, monitoring and developing the company’s sustainability program with the dual goal of meeting sustainability standards and increasing the sustainability of on the ground practices.

Prior to joining Highland Pellets, Ellen worked as a consultant specialising in auditing greenhouse gas emissions for biofuel plants and forestry standards. Before that Ellen was Technical Associate at the Certification Body, SCS Global Services, where she helped to develop the SBP program and train auditors to audit against the SBP standards.

Ellen has also worked as a Teaching Assistant for climate action in California and the world at the University of San Francisco, and as Sustainability Coordinator at DC Environmental Network.

Ellen holds a BA in Asian Studies from the Washington State University Honors College and an MA in International Environmental Policy from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.

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