SBP Regional Forums

As part of our strategy to renew efforts to deliver meaningful engagement, in April 2024, we launched the SBP Regional Forums, a programme of relationship-building across all its stakeholder groups.

The Regional Forums aim to broaden and deepen our relationships with diverse stakeholder groups, with particular emphasis on Civil Society Organisations. The Forums are established to facilitate meaningful and constructive dialogue among stakeholders, individuals, representative bodies, and other commercial and not-for-profit organisations involved in or with an interest in the sustainable biomass sector.

We believe that everybody’s voice should be heard and with the launch of the Forums, we aim to create a collaborative platform for sharing insights, discussing challenges, and collectively assessing and shaping the advice that can be extended from a Forum to SBP from time to time.

Initially, three Regional Forums have been launched across our key operational areas:

  • the Americas Forum, covering countries in North and South America,
  • the Asia Forum, which covers all the countries in Asia, and
  • the Europe Forum, which covers European countries.

Anyone with an interest in any matters within the scope of SBP and commitment to the advancement of the sustainable biomass sector is welcome. If you are interested in participating please let us know here and we will be in contact.