Transition to ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB): FAQs

The questions and answers below should cover any immediate questions about the transition from our current assurance services provider, Assurance Services International (ASI), to the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB).

Please be assured that, together with your Certification Body, we will ensure that there is no loss of service.

As the assurance service provider for SBP, ANAB is responsible for managing the SBP assurance program under which ANAB accredits Certification Bodies wishing to provide SBP certification services.

Existing Certification Bodies will be required to transition to the ANAB assurance program for SBP certification, which means they will have to become accredited by ANAB if they wish to continue to provide SBP certification services to their clients and prospective clients.

We are pleased to note that all of our existing Certification Bodies have decided to transition to the ANAB assurance program for SBP certification.

It is expected that accreditation by ANAB should be achieved by mid-July 2022.

Existing Certification Bodies wishing to continue to offer SBP certification services will need to apply for accreditation by ANAB.

There will be a transition period until mid-July 2022, during which time the ANAB assurance program for SBP certification will be phased in.

During the transition period, SBP and ANAB will be available to support your Certification Body.

If an existing Certification Body is not granted accreditation by ANAB for SBP certification they will no longer be able to offer SBP certification services to their clients or prospective clients. That means existing Certificate Holders wishing to remain SBP-certified will need to enter into a working relationship with a new Certification Body that is pursuing or has achieved accreditation by ANAB for SBP certification. In such circumstances, SBP and ANAB will assist in the process of transferring Certificate Holders from one Certification Body to another.

No. As an existing Certificate Holder you will be subject to the annual surveillance audit and will not be expected to repeat the main audit that was necessary for initial certification. We do not expect that the transition of ANAB will have a significant impact on Certificate Holders.