Validation of SAR data from main and surveillance assessments


With effect from Monday, 18 September 2017, SBP Audit Reports on Energy and GHG Data (SARs) from all audits will be validated by SBP. This will align the SAR validation process with the current certification approval process.  SBP will also upload the Static Biomass Profiling Data, required under Instruction Document 5C, to the Data Transfer System (DTS).

What will happen?

SBP undertakes to validate SARs received in audit report packages received from Certification Bodies (CBs) as part of the existing certification approval and surveillance process. We will inform all relevant Biomass Producers (BPs) when the report packages have been received. If, during the validation process, there is a need to ask the CB for additional information or clarification we will inform the BP. Once the SAR is validated we will again inform the relevant CB and BP. Static Biomass Profiling Data and validated SARs will be uploaded to the DTS by SBP.
Please note: End-users will still be able to request that BPs submit their Energy and GHG data under the existing process.

Keep your customers informed

SBP will not inform parties other than relevant CBs or BPs of the status of the SAR validation process, so if you are a BP you will need to keep your customers informed.

The new process explained

The flowchart below provides a simple representation of the stages of the new validation process.