Glossary of frequently used terms and abbreviations

Please note this is a layman's glossary of frequently used terms and abbreviations. The normative glossary of terms and definitions can be found here.

ASI Assurance Services International - an independent third-party accreditation body; ASI manages the SBP assurance program
Biomass Typically, wood pellets and woodchips
BP Biomass Producer - a producer of wood pellets and/or woodchips
BEIS UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
CH Certificate Holder - an SBP-certified organisation in the biomass supply chain, such as a biomass producer, trader or end-user
CB Certification Body - an independent body recognised for its competence to audit and issue certificates confirming that an organisation conforms to the requirements of a standard or standards
CoC Chain of Custody - a mechanism for tracking certified material throughout the supply chain
CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species - an international agreement between governments with the of ensuring that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival
CPET Central Point of Expertise for Timber (run by DEFRA)
CW Controlled Wood - wood of known origin with a minimum risk that it is harvested in an unacceptable way
DTS Data Transfer System - an SBP tool facilitating the collection, collation and transmission of data throughout the supply chain
DEFRA UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
DECC UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (now abolished and replaced by BEIS)
ENplus A certification scheme for wood pellet quality
EUTR European Union Timber Regulation
Feedstock Woody material used to produce biomass
FM Forest Management - the process of controlling the use of forested land
FMU Forest Management Unit - a clearly demarcated area of land covered predominantly by forest and managed to a set of explicit objectives according to a long-term forest management plan
FSC Forest Stewardship Council - a global forest certification scheme
GGL Green Gold Label
GHG data Greenhouse gas data - data related to the calculation of energy and carbon savings
HCV area High Conservation Value area - a natural habitat that is of outstanding significance or critical importance due to its high biological, ecological or cultural value
ILO International Labour Organisation - a United Nations agency dealing with labour problems, particularly international labour standards, social protection, and work opportunities for all
ISO International Organisation for Standardisation - a non-governmental international organisation responsible for developing standards covering almost every industry
Legality The term legality is defined by SBP Standard 1, Feedstock Compliance Standard, Version 1.0
Primary feedstock Roundwood and forest residue direct from the forest
PEFC Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification - a global forest certification scheme
PPE Personal Protective Equipment - protective clothing, helmets, goggles, or other garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer's body from injury or infection
RRA Regional Risk Assessment - an evaluation of an entire geographical region to determine the risks associated with sourcing feedstock for biomass production
RA Risk Assessment - see risk-based approach
Risk-based approach An approach used to identify and evaluate the risk of compliance with the 38 indicators defined in SBP Standard 1, Feedstock Compliance Standard, Version 1.0, in cases where the risk of non-compliance is identified the approach includes the development and implementation of mitigation measures to manage the risk such that it can be considered to be effectively controlled or excluded
RSB Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials
Secondary feedstock Residues from sawmills and other primary processing
SBE Supply Base Evaluation - the process of evaluating feedstock
SBR Supply Base Report - a report prepared by the biomass producer describing its feedstock supply base
SBP Sustainable Biomass Program - a unique certification system designed for woody biomass used in industrial, large-scale energy production
SBP certification system The standards, processes and procedures that together define the certification system
SBP-compliant Any biomass that comes with a claim that the feedstock used to produce it originates from certified forest (that is, FSC or PEFC-certified feedstock, including feedstock with a certification claim from PEFC-approved schemes, such as SFI), or feedstock sourced from areas that are deemed to be 'low risk' following a Supply Base Evaluation
SBP-controlled Any biomass that is produced from feedstock with an FSC or PEFC-controlled claim, or feedstock sourced within the scope of an SBP-approved controlled feedstock system
Sustainability The term sustainability is defined by SBP Standard 1, Feedstock Compliance Standard, Version 1.0
SFI Sustainable Forestry Initiative - a forest certification scheme used widely across North America
SFM Sustainable Forest Management - the management of forest according to the principles of sustainable development
SVP Supplier Verification Programme - a monitoring and control system for any risks undetermined by the risk assessment (that is, 'unspecified risks')
Tertiary feedstock Residues from secondary processing (pre-consumer) and recycled (post-consumer) feedstock
WKH Woodand Key Habitats - sites in the forest that provide for the existence of rare and endangered species having highly specific demands of the habitat