Standards Development Process

Public consultation on Final Revision Draft of SBP Standards now closed

Established to enable demonstration of compliance with biomass sustainability requirements, the SBP Standards were first launched in 2015. Since that time, we have secured a firm foothold in the international market for sustainable biomass used in industrial scale energy production. Five years on, it is time to take stock and ensure that our standards are fit-for-purpose, not only for the markets they already serve, but as an off-the-shelf system of standards for emerging biomass markets.

Historically, our Standards have evolved through the implementation of Instruction Documents, Guidance Documents and Interpretations. All have been designed to address changing circumstances or aid the implementation of our requirements.

Our Standards Development Process will be informed by the experience we have gained over the past five years, changes in the external environment, such as new or revised legislation, advances in best practice, and ideas and suggestions from our many stakeholders.

The preparations and planning that have gone into the Standards Development Process have drawn on input from SBP’s Standards Committee, Technical Committee and Stakeholder Advisory Group. In early February 2020, we invited all our stakeholders to provide their views on our Standards by undertaking a structured survey or simply by sending us feedback.

All of the aforementioned have provided a starting point for our Process.