SBP Launches Public Consultation on Final Revision Draft of SBP Standards

The Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP) has today launched the public consultation on the final revision draft of the SBP Standards and the SBP Glossary of Terms and Definitions.

Our Standards Development Process is designed to facilitate an open, inclusive and constructive sharing of views amongst our stakeholder community. At the request of our Standards Committee, we are conducting a third and final round of public consultation to ensure that any remaining critical issues are identified and addressed.

The objective of the public consultation is to inform stakeholders of the near final version of the SBP Standards and to gather stakeholder feedback and comments on critical aspects of the current Standards that would jeopardise the long term strategic interests of our Certificate Holders and SBP itself.

An Explanatory Note gives the background to the consultation and identifies the key changes made to each of the Standards.

The following documents form the scope of the consultation:

SBP Standard 1: Feedstock Compliance

SBP Standard 2: Feedstock Verification

SBP Standard 3: Requirements for Certification Bodies

SBP Standard 4: Chain of Custody

SBP Standard 5: Collection and Communication of Data

SBP Standard 6: Energy and Carbon Balance Calculation

SBP Glossary of Terms and Definitions

All documents are available via the Feedback Platform, please use the platform to provide your feedback and comments. The consultation closes on Sunday, 6 November 2022.