DTS system security

DTS 2.0 is based on the RADIX Tree platform. Data security is guaranteed through a combination of measures.

Physical Security

The hosting environment used for the platform has excellent facilities with respect to backup, redundancy as well as physical protection measures and is ISO 27001 certified. It includes measures to protect and/or provide backup and resilience for:

  • network infrastructure;
  • power systems;
  • disk systems;
  • servers; and
  • physical environment (building, rooms, doors etc.).

Secure Services

Even if the operating environment has enforced good security policies, the application itself needs flexible and secure schemes to protect the data flowing in the network. In the DTS platform this is achieved by:

  • socket level cryptography (SSL) on the communication channels;
  • APIs and applications using HTTPS; and
  • digital certificates to authenticate communications.

Data Privacy and Access Control

The access control mechanisms on the platform are very flexible and allow granular control on access to data. This is achieved through Role Based Access Control (RBAC).