Complaints procedure

How to make a complaint

If you wish to make a complaint please submit it in writing either via the online form below, e-mail to, or in hard copy to Sustainable Biomass Program, 71 Queen Victoria Street, London, United Kingdom, EC4V 4BE.

Please include a detailed description of the complaint and supporting evidence to substantiate it. The detailed process for handling the complaints is described in the SBP Complaints Procedure.

SBP shall consider complaints from any person or organisation expressing dissatisfaction regarding SBP’s activities or any person or organisation expressing dissatisfaction regarding the activities of an SBP Certification Body or Certificate Holder, where the complaint has not been satisfactorily addressed by the Certification Body.

Complaints Procedure: summary

Receipt of complaint: An assigned Secretariat staff member will acknowledge and analyse the complaint within 10 days, informing the complainant and all other involved parties.

Informal resolution: Within 30 days of receipt, the Secretariat staff member will try to informally resolve the issue via email or telephone. A record will be made of all conversations and communications.

Investigation: If informal resolution fails, an investigation ensues. The Secretariat staff member will make a recommendation to the SBP Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who will initiate a formal complaints procedure.

Formal complaints procedure: The CEO may assign another member of staff or an outside investigator to further investigate the complaint. The investigator must be independent of the complainant and the complaint subject.

Complaint appraisal: The investigator will conduct an appraisal to determine the appropriate assessment type for the complaint investigation. This may involve a desk review, on-site assessment, compliance assessment, or other relevant type.

Additional information: Further information may be requested from various parties to support the investigation.

Certification Body performance: In cases of complaints about the performance of a Certification Body, SBP reserves the right to ask its Accreditation Body to demand correction of non-conformity or take other actions, and to invoice the respective Certification Body for the investigation.

Response: The CEO will provide a response to the parties within 60 days of receiving the complaint. The response will include the complaint conclusion, the rationale for the decision, and, if applicable, any follow-up measures.

Discontinuation: Lack of cooperation from the complainant may lead to the discontinuation of the procedure, at the discretion of the CEO.

Closure: If no further issues arise, the complaint is deemed resolved and the case file closed.

Publication: With written agreement from all affected parties, a summary of the SBP complaint investigation may be published on the SBP webpage.

Suspension or termination: Should the complaint lead to a non-conformity, suspension or termination of certification or accreditation may arise. Each situation is handled on case-by-case basis in accordance with SBP certification and accreditation requirements.

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