Our core strategy

As biomass fulfils its potential in the transition from fossil fuels, we seek to play a leadership role in support of the circular bioeconomy and the cascading principle. Our ambitions for growth as a feedstock sourcing standard will be guided by a commitment to continuous improvement in what we do and with due regard to our stakeholders’ long-term needs.

Our Strategy for the three-year period to the end of 2025 is set in the context of 2030, with a clear focus on sustainability in terms of climate, nature and social wellbeing. Our core strategy is shown diagrammatically below. It comprises a refreshed statement of Purpose, four Strategic Aims, and five Focus Areas for delivery. All are underpinned by our four Values.

Our Strategy is available both in full and summary form.

Publication Date: 16/06/2023

SBP Strategy summary 2023-25

Policy for determining those Regional Risk Assessments that may be funded in part or full by SBP.

Publication Date: 16/06/2023