SBP timeline

  • April: SBP Annual Review 2019 published.

    March: New SBP branding revealed.

    February: Consultation launched on revised final draft of RRA for Portugal.

  • December: SBP fully approved for the Netherlands SDE+ subsidy regime.

    November: Milestone of 200 active certifications achieved.

    July: Consultation launched on Instruction Document 2E.

    June: Consultation launched on Document Development Procedure.

    March: 2018 annual report published.

    March: New Technical Committee members named.

    January: SBP approved for Netherlands SDE+ biomass categories 1 to 4.

  • December: SBP ended the year as a multi-stakeholder governed organisation.

    November: New, nominated Board members and Standards Committee members named.

    September: SBP approved for Netherlands SDE+ biomass category 5 and chain of custody.

    April: 2017 annual report published.

    February: Appointment of Francis Sullivan as independent Chairman (effective from 1 July 2018).

    January: Fourth Certification Body accredited by ASI for SBP certification.

    January: Consultation launched on final draft RRA for Portugal.

  • December: At the end of December, SBP had 127 Certificate Holders across 17 countries.

    December: Three Certification Bodies became accredited by ASI for SBP certification.

    November: Consultation launched on key documents underpinning multi-stakeholder governance.

    September: SBP-endorsed Regional Risk Assessment for Latvia published.

    September: MGT Teesside joins SBP as a member company.

    June: SBP-endorsed Regional Risk Assessment for Denmark published.

    June: Milestone of 100 SBP certificate holders reached.

    March: SBP published its first annual report, covering the 2016 calendar year.

  • December: At the end of December, SBP had 74 Certificate Holders across 14 countries, and around a further 60 applications for certification.

    December: From 1 December, ASI took on responsibility for reviewing reports in support of applications for certification.

    October: The SBP Data Transfer System (DTS) v0.5 was launched on 1 October, facilitating the collection, collation and transmission of data throughout the biomass supply chain.

    August: SBP entered into an agreement with Accreditation Services International (ASI) for the managment of the SBP accreditation program.

    June: SBP-endorsed Regional Risk Assessment for Lithuania published.

    May: Carsten Huljus becomes the first, full time Chief Executive Officer of SBP.

    April: SBP-endorsed Regional Risk Assessment for Estonia published.

    March: By the end of March, 15 SBP certificates had been issued and a further 70 applications for certification received.

  • October: News of first Biomass Producer certification in Europe.

    September: News of first Biomass Producer certification in the United States of America.

    September: First two Certification Bodies approved by SBP.

    March to September: Formation of independent Advisory Board, chaired by Julia Marton-Lefèvre (former Director General of IUCN).

    March: Launch of the SBP Framework version 1.0.

  • September to December: Further refinement and testing of Biomass Assurance Framework Standards version 0.0 and engagement with industry parties.

    September: Publication of Biomass Assurance Framework Response to Consultation and Biomass Assurance Framework Standards version 0.0.

    April: Close of Biomass Assurance Framework consultation period.

    March: Publication of the Biomass Assurance Framework Consultation Draft with an invitation for interested parties to comment.

  • SBP created to continue the work of the former Initiative of Wood Pellet Buyers (IWPB) which initially undertook to develop a standard biomass trading agreement with a focus on wood pellet specifications, trading terms and sustainability criteria.