CB Suspensions: FAQs

Questions and Answers

Certification Bodies may be suspended by ANAB for a number of reasons.

ANAB communicates the suspension, as well as the reason for suspension publicly on its website. Suspension of accreditation places certain restrictions on the Certification Body’s ability to continue to offer and provide certification services.

The suspension may be lifted when ANAB has confirmed that the Certification Body has addressed the cause/s of the suspension effectively.

The suspension of a Certification Body does not result in the suspension of an SBP Certificate Holder. The Certification Body is still responsible for conducting planned surveillance audits during the period of suspension.

When a Certification Body is suspended it must not take on any new clients or perform initial or re-certification services.

Conduct of re-certification and/or completion of initial certification services started prior to, or planned to be undertaken after, the effective date of suspension shall be subject to explicit written approval by ANAB.

No. The SBP certification system ensures that there will be no adverse impact on the services provided to existing Certificate Holders. We anticipate that, if suspended, a Certification Body will work hard to get the suspension lifted.

It is only right that the accreditation body is able to impose sanctions in cases where requirements that apply to Certification Bodies are not met. In that way the quality and credibility of our certification system is upheld.