Fee schedule

The fee schedule for Certificate Holders, effective from 1 October 2017, can be viewed below.

Certificate Holders are invited to raise matters requiring clarification. The matters raised, along with their answers, are given below.

If you have any matters which require interpretation or clarification please email Agita Nagle.

Q: Why has SBP introduced fees for Certificate Holders?

A: Levying a fee on Certificate Holders is the most common, best practice and proven way to fund a certification system.

Q: What will the fees be used for?

A: The fees are the sole income of SBP and cover all the running costs of the organisation. See Financial information for a breakdown of how our annual income is spent.

Q: Why does the fee for wood pellets differ from that for woodchips?

A: The two categories of fuel – wood pellets and woodchips – have significantly different net calorific values and as a result attract different fees. Wood pellets and woodchips may be readily differentiated by physical inspection, however, where such physical inspection is not definitive biomass with a net calorific value greater than 15MJ/kg shall be defined as wood pellet and that with a net calorific value of less than 15MJ/kg shall be defined as woodchip. Note: woodchips shall be recorded in the Data Transfer System on a wet tonne basis.

Q: Who will determine the volumes of SBP-certified material that will form the basis of the ultimate fee, and where will the data be taken from?

A: SBP will determine the volumes based on data/transactions recorded in the Data Transfer System (DTS).

Q: Will the SBP accredited Certification Bodies be collecting the fees from Certificate Holders, like in the FSC and PEFC systems?

A: No, SBP will collect the fees itself.

Q: What currency will the fees be invoiced in?

A: The fees will be invoiced in Euros.

Q: Will the underlying calculation of the fee be supplied to each Certificate Holder with the invoice?

A: Biomass Producers’ invoices will include DTS Transaction Batch IDs, allowing verification of the transactions and comparison with the relevant DTS transactions report. Traders’ and End-users’ invoices will be accompanied by the DTS transactions report for the invoiced quarter.

Q: What should I do if I require just one invoice to cover the fees of multiple facilities in my group of companies?

A: Please contact SBP at info@sbp-cert.org as soon as possible.

Q: What happens in the case of non-payment of fees?

A: Non-payment will trigger a payment reminder and, in last instance, a suspension of the certificate and use of the Data Transfer System (DTS) will be disabled.

Q: How will the quarterly billing of Certificate Holders be handled administratively?

A: Certificate Holders will be invoiced directly by SBP.

Q: Will an annual fee be levied on a certified Biomass Producer if no biomass is sold with an SBP claim?

A: As currently proposed, if no SBP-certified biomass pellets are supplied within the period there will be no fee levied.