SBP’s purpose, objective & strategy

Our purpose

Our purpose is to facilitate the economically, environmentally and socially responsible use of biomass enabling climate goals to be met.

Our objective

To promote and maintain an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable biomass supply chain through the development and operation of an independent, third party certification system.

Our strategy

Our strategy is informed by our review of risks and opportunities, enabled by the right stakeholder balance and skill set, and underpinned by our values.

Our four strategic objectives:


Ensure our certification system meets our promise of good biomass.


Maintain our robust, credible and consistently applied certification of woody biomass, whilst challenging ourselves to reach a higher level of excellence.


Inform and educate, reinforce and reassure our stakeholders that SBP-certified biomass equals good biomass.

Organisational development and resource

Achieve the right stakeholder balance and skill set to strengthen our brand and pursue growth responsibly.

Our business model

We specialise in the biomass market where we have the expertise to succeed and realise our ambition to be the biomass certification system of choice.

Focused on delivering a certification system that meets our stakeholders’ needs and has the desired and intended outcomes that improve the use of natural capital.

Our values

Our values are the guiding principles that we use to manage our operations and our relationships with stakeholders.

Our four values:


In how we conduct our business and maintain the accuracy and consistency of the data we collect and communicate.


Reliable and dependable certification system of choice.


Open and honest in all that we do.


Responsive to the needs of the multiple stakeholders that we serve.