Sustainable Biomass Partnership Timeline


November: New, nominated Board members and Standards Committee members named.

September: SBP approved for Netherlands SDE+ biomass category 5 and chain of custody.

April: 2017 annual report published.

February: Appointment of Francis Sullivan as independent Chairman (effective from 1 July 2018).

January: Fourth Certification Body accredited by ASI for SBP certification.

January: Consultation launched on final draft RRA for Portugal.


December: At the end of December, SBP had 127 Certificate Holders across 17 countries.

December: Three Certification Bodies became accredited by ASI for SBP certification.

November: Consultation launched on key documents underpinning multi-stakeholder governance.

September: SBP-endorsed Regional Risk Assessment for Latvia published.

September: MGT Teesside joins SBP as a member company.

June: SBP-endorsed Regional Risk Assessment for Denmark published.

June: Milestone of 100 SBP certificate holders reached.

March: SBP published its first annual report, covering the 2016 calendar year.


December: At the end of December, SBP had 74 Certificate Holders across 14 countries, and around a further 60 applications for certification. 

December: From 1 December, ASI took on responsibility for reviewing reports in support of applications for certification.

October: The SBP Data Transfer System (DTS) v0.5 was launched on 1 October, facilitating the collection, collation and transmission of data throughout the biomass supply chain.

August: SBP entered into an agreement with Accreditation Services International (ASI) for the managment of the SBP accreditation program.

June: SBP-endorsed Regional Risk Assessment for Lithuania published.

May: Carsten Huljus becomes the first, full time Chief Executive Officer of SBP.

April: SBP-endorsed Regional Risk Assessment for Estonia published.

March: By the end of March, 15 SBP certificates had been issued and a further 70 applications for certification received.


October: News of first Biomass Producer certification in Europe.

September: News of first Biomass Producer certification in the United States of America.

September: First two Certification Bodies approved by SBP.

March to September: Formation of independent Advisory Board, chaired by Julia Marton-Lefe╠Çvre (former Director General of IUCN).

March: Launch of the SBP Framework version 1.0.


September to December: Further refinement and testing of Biomass Assurance Framework Standards version 0.0 and engagement with industry parties.

September: Publication of Biomass Assurance Framework Response to Consultation and Biomass Assurance Framework Standards version 0.0.

April: Close of Biomass Assurance Framework consultation period.

March: Publication of the Biomass Assurance Framework Consultation Draft with an invitation for interested parties to comment.


SBP created to continue the work of the former Initiative of Wood Pellet Buyers (IWPB) which initially undertook to develop a standard biomass trading agreement with a focus on wood pellet specifications, trading terms and sustainability criteria.