Audit Portal FAQs

The Audit Portal is a new digital environment for all SBP Certificate Holders and accredited Certification Bodies providing access to all SBP audit and certificate-related information, fill in SBP audit reports and Supply Base Reports. The Portal replaces the old Word templates and pdf reports with a digitalised system to complete audit templates in a much more efficient and smarter way. The Portal also enables SBP to monitor and evaluate trends, impacts and risk areas, which will help to improve the SBP scheme.

The Audit Portal is available for use by all SBP Certificate Holders and accredited Certification Bodies. Use of the portal is optional until January 2021, from when its use becomes mandatory.

If you want to start using the Audit Portal send a request to We will activate your account and send you detailed instructions on how to get started.

The Audit Portal introduces a new way to generate and submit audit reports (Public Summary Report) and Supply Base Reports. Moving away from the old Word templates and pdf reports allows us to make use of digital tools and automation, which will improve data quality, standardise report content and at the same time make the process more efficient for users when it comes to completing the reports. The Audit Portal will also support SBP in developing a robust monitoring and evaluation system to monitor and report on our impacts and help us improve the certification scheme.

The Audit Portal will become mandatory from January 2021 for all Certificate Holders and Certification Bodies. We are encouraging all our Certificate Holders and Certification Bodies to start exploring the system. Please contact to get access now.

Yes, you can access all your existing data and documents via the Portal. All existing reports have been uploaded as pdf documents.

No, only the method of generating the reports is changing. Once the documents are finalised and approved via the Portal a pdf version of the reports will be generated and made available on the relevant Certificate Holder pages as normal.

No, we will continue to make all Public Summary Reports and Supply Base Reports publicly available on our website.

Please submit all questions, issues and ideas for improvement to For urgent enquiries, please contact our Data Manager and Analyst, Lauri Kärmas on +372 58 601 229.

The Audit Portal user guide can be accessed here. We are currently developing a series of training videos, which will be available shortly.