Q: What is the DTS?
A: The Data Transfer System (DTS) allows transactions of SBP-certified material to be recorded. It provides an auditable trail which underpins the integrity of the SBP certification scheme.

Q: Why is the DTS needed?
A: In a number of European countries, large-scale burning of woody biomass to produce energy is regulated. The regulations require generators to collect accurate, reliable and detailed information about the biomass throughout the supply chain. Currently, that information is passed from organisation to organisation by email, in spreadsheets or on paper. The DTS will improve the efficiency of the data collection and transfer process for all concerned, whilst maintaining the integrity of the SBP certification scheme.

Q: How does the DTS work?
A: An SBP Certificate Holder supplying biomass with an SBP claim uses the DTS to record details of the biomass being supplied. That information is then made available to the customer receiving the biomass, in turn that SBP claim can be passed on to the next customer in the biomass supply chain, and so on to the generator.

Q: When will the DTS be available?
A: DTS v0.5 has been operational from 1 October 2016. DTS v0.5 will be phased out on 31 August 2017 and replaced by DTS v1.0 from 1 September. DTS v1.0 can be accessed here. All SBP Certificate Holders and SBP-approved Certification Bodies have access to the new version.

Q: How do I access the DTS?
A: The DTS is accessed through the internet at https://radix-tree.org/. SBP utilises the Radix Tree Global Traceability Platform to support the DTS. No additional software is required to use the system. All SBP Certificate Holders and SBP-approved Certification Bodies have their own, unique usernames and passwords to access the system. If you have not received your login details please contact DTS@sbp-cert.org.

Q: When will I receive my login details for DTS v1.0?
A: All SBP Certificate Holders and SBP-approved Certification Bodies as at 1 July 2017 were automatically sent their login details. New Certificate Holders will be sent their login details after they have been issued with their SBP certificate. If you are a Certificate Holder and have not been sent your login details please contact DTS@sbp-cert.org.

Q: What will happen to the data that has been entered into DTS v0.5?
A: All SBP Certificate Holders that have recorded purchased or sold SBP-certified material in the DTS between 1 October 2016 to 31 August 2017 may request a Periodic Transaction Summary Report (PTSR) detailing all recorded data. The PTSRs will be available at the beginning of September. To request a PTSR please contact DTS@sbp-cert.org. Organisations that have already requested PTSRs will receive them automatically - there is no need to repeat the request.

Please note that DTS v0.5 data is not transferred to DTS v1.0. 

Q: If a transaction took place before 1 September but was not entered into DTS v0.5, how can it be recorded?
A: After 1 September 2017 all transactions/claims shall be entered into DTS v1.0, including any that took place before 1 September.

Q: How does a Certification Body verify DTS entries?
A: CBs will request and review Certificate Holders' DTS Periodic Transaction Summary Reports (PTSRs) during the surveillance audit. A Certificate Holder shall request PTSRs from SBP and make them available to their CB upon request. Only data from 1 October 2016 to 31 August will be available in the PTSRs. Any SBP transactions/claims entered into DTS v1.0 after 1 September 2017 will be accessible directly via the DTS platform. CBs have access to the DTS and once a supervisory 'Business Relationship' has been established with their client the CB will have access to the transaction data. 

Q: Can more than one Certificate Holder be managed through a sinlge DTS account?
A: No. Separate login details are sent to each individual Certificate Holder. For example, Company A has two pellet mills and both have their own, unique SBP certificate code. Company A will receive two emails with two separate login details for each production unit. 

Q: Is there any guidance for using DS v1.0?
A: The DTS v1.0 user guide can be accessed here.

Q: What is a 'Business Relationship' in DTS v1.0?
A: A 'Business Relationship' is a virtual link between a Certificate Holder's supplier and/or customer. Through establishing a Business Relationship business partners will have access to company-specific information, including SBP certification details and SBP Standard 5 documents. Business Relationships must be set up before any SBP claims can be passed to customers. 

Q: When trying to add a new 'Business Relationship' the following error message was sent “Sorry, you don’t have enough licences to invite a new company. Upgrade your licence”. What should I do?
A: Please send a request to DTS@sbp-cert.org to increase the limit of your Business Relationships. Increasing the limit does not cost you anything.

Q: I can’t find my SBP Standard 5 documents in the DTS, why are they not uploaded?
A: SBP is managing the process of uploading the Energy and GHG Data (SAR) audit reports and Static Biomass Profiling Data. Only SBP-approved SARs and Static Biomass Profiling Data documents will be uploaded to the system. Any document that is not SBP approved should be sent to your customer via e-mail. 

Q:  How can I get my Energy and GHG Data (SAR) audit report approved?
  Only SBP-approved Energy and GHG Data (SAR) audit reports are available on the system. Please send your SAR, as well as any related questions, to penny.bienz@sbp-cert.org for approval.  

Q: Who can I contact for support?
A: If you cannot find the answer to your question in the FAQs, please email your question to: DTS@sbp-cert.org.