SBP Publishes Annual Review for 2023

The Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP) has today published its annual review for 2023. The review is available at:

Commenting on the events of 2023, Carsten Huljus, SBP Chief Executive Officer, said: “The conclusion of 2023 signifies a significant milestone, marking a decade since the inception of SBP as a not-for-profit organisation. Importantly, for half of that decade, our operations have thrived under the umbrella of multi-stakeholder governance, fostering collaboration and shared responsibility.

“Our future path is guided by a clear strategy, launched in 2023 and tailored to the demands of 2030. This strategic vision is cognisant of the opportunities presented by the global bioeconomy. As we navigate our path, we aim to leverage those opportunities and contribute to a sustainable and thriving future.

“We achieved another noteworthy milestone during the year with the successful completion of our first Standards review and revision, which is a testament to our commitment to excellence. We made significant strides towards the implementation of our revised Standards (v2.0), and throughout the year, our team remained dedicated to this crucial initiative.

“We undertook a comprehensive review of our first Standards review and revision process with the intention of informing the governance and oversight arrangements of our Standards. Thus ensuring that our organisation remains agile, resilient, and aligned with evolving best practices in our industry.

“Following the decrease in Certificate Holder numbers reported for 2022, resulting from terminations due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, I am pleased to report that during 2023 we saw an upward trajectory in our number ending the year with 272 Certificate Holders, an 11% increase. Encouragingly, our pipeline of applicants as at the end of December was very healthy at 75 in number.

“Our geographic reach decreased during the year to 31 countries in total, following the loss of Australia, Chile, and China.

“The volume of SBP-certified biomass produced and sold was down slightly year-on-year at 15.60 million tonnes (2022: 15.95 million tonnes). Our share of the European industrial pellet consumption market1 increased slightly to 82.8% (2022: 78.9%).

“Amid our evolving landscape, continuous improvement is our one unwavering principle. We are committed to learning from yesterday as we plan for tomorrow. There is always room for improvement and we have delivered much that we can learn from. It is that thought that we will carry with us as we embark on our next decade.”

1. Industrial pellet consumption in Europe data supplied by Hawkins Wright (2023 industrial pellet demand estimates for Combined Heat and Power, and dedicated power). Europe refers to Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France (and French territories), Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom and Other EU27.

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