Working Group B

Working Group B is responsible for developing Standards 3 and 4, which collectively  cover how Certification Bodies assess compliance with SBP’s requirements and Chain of Custody certification.

In developing the Standards the Working Group will consider changes in the external environment, such as new or revised legislation, advances in best practice, and ideas and suggestions from our many and varied stakeholders.

Note: At the end of March 2021, Working Group B was merged with Working Group C under the Chairmanship of Julien Blondeau.

Alasdair McGregor, Chair of Working Group B

Working Group B covers Standards 3 and 4 and has 25 members. We have re-organised the initial set of Sub-groups reporting directly into the Working Group, closing or pausing the work of some and merging two together. Today, the active Sub-groups cover the areas of accreditation scope and the glossary.

Our work to date has focused on the following main topics:

  • should SBP establish its own Chain of Custody system, rather than be dependent on the FSC and PEFC systems;
  • whether accreditation to ISO 17021 (Management Systems), as opposed to ISO 17065 (Product and Process) as now, should become the pre-requisite for Certification Bodies accredited to offer SBP certification services;
  • whether SBP should consider setting up a centralised database to facilitate the stakeholder engagement process; and
  • whether SBP should develop the accreditation standard and remove reference to FSC and PEFC requirements.