Working Group C

Working Group C is responsible for developing Standards 5 and 6, which collectively cover how information and data are to be collected and communicated along the supply chain, as well as certification of energy and carbon balance calculations.

In developing the Standards, the Working Group will consider changes in the external environment, such as new or revised legislation, advances in best practice, and ideas and suggestions from our many and varied stakeholders.

Julien Blondeau, Chair of Working Group C

Working Group C cover Standards 5 and 6 and has 22 members. Only two Sub-groups report directly into the Working Group. The Sub-group working on country-specific requirements has made recommendations and is on hold. Recommendations have also been made by the Sub-group covering the technical content of carbon and energy data collection and work continues.

The key recommendations supported by the Working Group are summarised as follows:

  • a set of criteria to distinguish between general requirements, which should be included in standards applicable to all biomass, and country-specific requirements, which would be included in Instruction Documents;
  • the calculation method for GHG savings should be based on the method described in the EU REDII Directive;
  • SBP should report annually on life cycle GHG savings thereby demonstrating the benefits of using sustainable biomass for energy production; and
  • support for the principle of setting a GHG savings threshold.