Live consultations

SBP is consulting on the Public Summary Report and Supply Base Report templates. The changes to the templates are proposed following feedback from users, and also to reflect anticipated modifications to the Audit Report on Energy and GHG Data (SAR) and Audit Report on Energy and GHG Data for Supplied Biomass (SREG).

Interested parties are invited to provide written comments and feedback by Friday, 5 April 2019. All responses should be sent to



In addition, we are now inviting Certificate Holders to pilot the new SAR and SREG templates. If, as a Certificate Holder, you wish to participate in the pilot please contact your Certification Body. Your Certification Body will provide full details of the pilot and the templates. We anticipate that the pilot will run for around two months, subject to uptake and feedback received.

Those Certificate Holders not wishing participate in the pilot should continue to use the current SAR and SREG templates.