Standards v1.0

SBP Standard 1: Feedstock Compliance Standard

This is the Standard against which feedstock must be assessed. Feedstock is material entering a pellet or wood chip mill; biomass is the material leaving the mill. The mill is referred to as the Biomass Producer.

SBP Standard 2: Verification of SBP-compliant Feedstock

This Standard defines how the evaluation of feedstock against Standard 1 should be undertaken; the evaluation is the responsibility of the Biomass Producer. It also defines which material is exempt from a Supply Base Evaluation.

SBP Standard 3: Certification Systems. Requirements for Certification Bodies

An independent Certification Body must check that the evaluation undertaken by the Biomass Producer meets the SBP Framework requirements. This Standard defines how the Certification Body should undertake that.

SBP Standard 4: Chain of Custody

The Biomass Producer is required to demonstrate the origin of the feedstock. This Standard sets out the systems that need to be put in place.

SBP Standard 5: Collection and Communication of Data

This Standard specifies how data are to be collected and communicated.

SBP Standard 6: Energy and Carbon Balance Calculation

This Standard allows for the certification of the energy and carbon balance calculation.