Instruction Document 2E: SBP Requirements for Risk Based Approach for Biomass Category 2

SBP is consulting on Instruction Document 2E. The Instruction Document specifies the requirements for the evaluation, using a risk based approach, of the sustainability requirements of Category 2 feedstock as defined by the Netherlands SDE+ requirements.

Category 2 feedstock is defined as feedstock from Forest Management Units of less than 500ha. Included within the definition are branches, tops, trees and primary felling residues sourced directly from such forests, and unused wood that has the same composition as wood growing in the forest and that has not been mixed with or contaminated by foreign materials or substances.

The Netherlands SDE+ requirements permit the evaluation of the sustainability of Biomass Category 2 to be undertaken using a risk based approach.

An SBP-certified biomass producer may implement the risk based approach defined in the Instruction Document to assess compliance with the SDE+ sustainability requirements.  Biomass produced from feedstock sourced in compliance with those requirements may be supplied with dynamic batch sustainability data thereby indicating compliance.

A public summary of the process can be viewed here.

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