Revision Draft v1 Standards 1 and 2: Public Consultation

Our Standards Development Process is designed to facilitate an open, inclusive and constructive sharing of views amongst our stakeholder community. This first public consultation on Revision Draft v1 of Standards 1 and 2 marks a significant milestone in our Standards Development Process and is the outcome of many hours of stakeholder participation.

Each of Standard 1 and 2 is accompanied by an Explanatory Note providing important background and details on the proposed revisions to the Standard, including adaptations of the requirements and their structure, as well as raising some specific questions. Please read the Explanatory Notes before providing feedback.

In this public consultation, SBP is seeking stakeholder feedback on Revision Draft v1 of:

Stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on the Standards as a whole or to limit their comments to specific sections.

All feedback must be submitted via the Feedback Platform, which is open until Monday, 2 August 2021.